Want Top Dollar For Your Home?

Want Top Dollar For Your Home?

There are many different things you can do to sell your home for top dollar.

If you use the strategies in my book, you’ll get a higher sales price.

But miss any of these crucial components, and you risk settling for a lower price than you deserve.

The decision to sell your home requires seeing the total picture, from start to finish.

Let me summarize a bit about what you should consider to avoid trouble in the process.

To eliminate any misunderstandings by you or an interested buyer.

I go over all of this in detail in my book!

“My Proven System For SELLING HOMES Fast For Top Dollar”

  • Selling your home before you are qualified to buy another — Financial situations change, along with loan requirements.
  • Guessing your mortgage payoff — Know if penalties exist.
  • Underestimation of closing costs — Calculate fees, taxes, and commissions that need to be paid.
  • Spending earnest money — If the sale falls through, what happens to the money?
  • Befriending potential buyers — Discretion is imperative when buyers want to be your friend.
  • Fear of low appraisals — You have options if this happens.
  • Stress of showings, remodels, cleaning, phone calls — Let me agent handle the bulk of the responsibilities of selling your home.
  • Facing inspection requirements — Know what is expected for your home to pass.
  • Being prepared for closing — I will let you know what to expect.
  • Flexibility and readiness to show your home — Make preparations, so showings do not interfere with your family and your life.
  • Letting buyers see your home in your absence — Buyers prefer to view homes without the seller present to listen to their critiques. Any questions should be fielded by your agent.
  • Weeding out non-qualified buyers — You can request that only qualified home buyers view your home. If they are not eligible, even for creative financing, it’s a waste of everyone’s time — especially yours.

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“My Proven System For SELLING HOMES Fast For Top Dollar”

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If you’ve already made the decision to sell your home and want an expert to take care of everything from start to finish…

I also offer a FREE “Sell For Top Dollar” Consultation. I’ll meet with you, take a look at your home, and show you exactly what needs to be done to sell for top dollar.

I’ll give you advice on marketing, pictures, pricing strategy, staging, negotiations, etc. Each of these items is crucial to your sale. Get them all right, and you’ll sell for top dollar. But, neglect one of them, and you risk settling for less than you deserve.

So, if you’d like to schedule a FREE, No Obligation, “Sell for Top Dollar” Consultation, schedule a time on my calendar that works for all of us to meet. I look forward to helping you!